(SOLD) Pending Transfer WTS 6.2m Missile Junkie Pilot/gila pilot

Good Missile skills. .
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights,
Yearly remap 1
Bonus remap 3
Located in Jita 4-4

Starting bid 4.5b Buyout at 5b




Bump 3

Bump Back to selling

bump up

Bump Again

4b B/O

not going lower then starting bid, sorry, Bump

Bump will Do 4.5B Buyout.

hi mate, i will take him for the 4.5 bill, will be around 4pm eve time when i get home, please can you reserve him until then?

have ISK ready to go matey

Send isk and account info and i will begin transfer

ISK and Account details have been sent buddy.

Will start transfer as soon as i log in :slight_smile: ISk Received Starting Transfer

SUPPORT REQUEST #1086544 To Keep track of transfer

char not landed yet, been 15 hrs, will follow up on support ticket

think you may have misspelt the account name buddy

come on mate, its been pretty much 24 hrs and no char and no response from you here or in game, lets get this sorted out or send me my ISK back please.

thanks mate.

EDIT: does anyone know how i can get this resolved, raised support ticket over 24 hrs ago but had zero response