(SOLD) Pending Transfer WTS 6.2m Missile Junkie Pilot/gila pilot

I had to use plex for trasnfer sadly and CCP like to take their sweet time in reading charecter transfers,


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DIRETURNICK Monday at 09:19

Char Sale
From: MoLeicester
Sent: 2020.02.03 09:18
To: DireTurnick,

ISK sent buddy, please transer to account: lprezztrader

Forum Post (SOLD) Pending Transfer WTS 6.2m Missile Junkie Pilot/gila pilot

1000 Plex In plex Vault for transfer what i sent to ccp for support ticket,.

OK buddy, many thanks for advising, I will sit tight until it comes across

CCP really should revise their Character Transfer advice as it clearly states 10 hours, this has been nearly 4 days

infact, i really cannot be arsed to wait another week or so, please can you return the 4.5 bill to me, sorry but this is just stupid now.

EDIT: if you can drop the ISK back in my account today please matey

EDIT: still no ISK return, pleas action this

I would but i cant even login to eve or to see if i got a reply yet :frowning: Gonna prolly message CCP Falcon on Facebook to see if he can fix this issue.

ok mate, I just want either a refund or the char to be fair

There have been some serious connection issues in the last week, CCP is busy with reimbursement tickets.

Any joy mate, i have neither char nor refund as yet

this is my alt of the char and Finally i could get back on CCP said they have made the transfer so you should have him, Sorry for the delay, as they apologised for heavy wait times, :frowning:

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