WTS 75m Sp mining/hauler/science&industry toon

Welcome to my selling thread!

Please have a look at the character’s skills list: BU3OP

Character is in npc corp
No kill rights
Wallet: green
No jump clones available
High sec location: Hek

Lowest bid: 55 bil
B.O. 70 bil

50 B offer

thats a bit low with me

53B offer

still not enough

any more offers?

54 B offer

@Riperd_Jacks 55b can do?

Sorry, 53 was already good, so I’m spending a bit extra @ 54 to get this toon. Otherwise, I’d do it.

Can we do 54?

Alright, let it be 54b

ISK and account details sent

Checkout is not working, I filled a ticket to CCP

Okay, waiting. Let me know when it goes through.

Hello, it’s been three days and I still haven’t received the character.

I understand support has been difficult to get a response from these days due to the recent server crashes but let me know if you’re still here and post some screenshot of support ticket. Thanks.

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Alright, I’ll wait.


Hey there, there’s a lot of russian people or people who don’t have the option to checkout selling their characters here and this support ticket (2179843) from BU3OP is taking too long to be resolved when my previous experience in trading these kind of characters was like three days. Now, it’s five days.

Honestly, the Character Transfer support tickets need to be placed on high priority with the recent scams as well.

Please help us out by forwarding these support tickets to GMs so that they can do it faster instead of taking an entire week to look into it.

I am currently trying to get in touch with the relevant department so that I can find out what further measures we can take. Please be patient, it will certainly take a little longer to get in touch now at the weekend - but I will keep you up to date.


Thank you very much!

OP, ISD… any update on the transfer? A week is too long… :melting_face:

@BU3OP @ISD_Traindriver