WTS 103m SP dreadnoughts/carriers/supers

Capital Ships V

npc corp
wallet green
npc corp
kill rights NONE
2 JC
nul sec location

Starting price: 70b

70 B Isk ready

75 b isk buy out offer

How about 90b BO for the character?

93B offer

@bladduck 93 b offer seems reasonable for me. I accept your offer. feel free to move isk and acc info to me

@bladduck is your offer still in force?

Of course, i move isk and acc to u

@Bishop_orsk ISK and Email send,please transfer

ISk received, working on transfer

@Bishop_orsk I still haven’t received the character

yeah I know, their payment gate is not working, communicating with support to manage to send the character to you

okey,i will wait for you

how long I need to wait

@Bishop_orsk how long i need to wait

@Bishop_orsk When can I expect to receive the character?

@Bishop_orsk Five days have passed, and how long will it take me to receive the role. Can you provide screenshots or evidence of the character transfer?

I encountered the same problem as you, and I suggest you appeal to the GM.

My ISK was refunded after the appeal.

And I suggest you not to trade with Russians, as they usually do not transfer characters.

tks,i appeal to GM,but 3 days passed,GM haven’t replied to my tiket

@ISD can u help me?