Caldari / Gallente T3 toon

Selling myself: LINK

positive wallet

positive sec status

no killrights

No Clones

throw me some bids




12.5b offered


14bn offered

Bid noted if nothing higher by tomorrow after DT ill sell it for the 14

how much for bo

would sell for 16 bil

16bn offer

sent isk and account and ill start the transfer within the next 60 min


EVEMAIL SENT with account information

getting a error: Target user has too many characters

please provide another account name for the transfer

one character has just been transferred out thought it would allow overlap can you try again in a few hours give eve some time to realise the toon is no longer here

sure thing will try in like 2 hours and if that dont work ill try tomorrow morning as well. ill keep you posted!

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still getting the same error, ill be out most of the day. but will try tonight and see if it will work there. maybe a DT can fix it :slight_smile:

Should be ok now, on my neocom shows 1 empty slot this morning other character was still there.

Am at work now away for a few days but will confirm transaction from transfer email.

Thanks again

Transfer started