WTS VNI pilot / barge miner 12m sp

You accepted my offer for this character:WTS VNI pilot / barge miner 12m sp
Please send back a confirmation mail and I willsend the isk to you asap.
The account ID which you will transfer thecharacter to is:killercg03

yes, confirmed in game mail.

isk has been given to me. My task has been completed.

Thanks, received. I’ve opened a ticket for the transfer request.

is It takes about ten hours?

Last time it took 5 days. Like I said in the previous post. It could be faster, depends on GM.


with plex

ok I’ll let you know when it’s done

Hi, should be done. Thanks for trade, this is what I got from GM:

Hi there, GM Sirius here.

Thank you for contacting EVE Player Experience. I have now removed 1,000 PLEX from your Vault and transferred the requested character to the desired account.

If there is anything else I may assist you with, please let me know.

Best Regards,
GM Sirius
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

I have received a pleasant cooperation

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