SOLD pls delete

orca and hulk pilots 17m sp

15bil start 20bil b/o

Characters must be in NPC corp

process is started, they will be in npc corp within 24hrs

Hello, once they comply with the rules to be in NPC Corp, I’d like to take them B/O 20B

OK, done deal, should be no more than 5hrs,
ill contact you when they are ready

I’m waiting :slight_smile:

Both characters in NPC corp and ready for transfer

Would you be available in 2 hours?

I am not in front of my computer at the moment, will do when I get home, would be great if we can do this in 2 hours, would be perfect for me tomorrow to get the characters

Most likely i will be able to wait, but its late here already if i couldnt be awake for that long in like 12hrs ill be up, then we can try

I’m home in 30min

I’m sending ISK and account name now

Fine, im still alive

Hopefully! I just sent 10B to each character, I sent a mail with the acc name for transfer as well to both character

ISK received,
Transfers in progress

Perfect ! Thank you

Characters received. Thank you

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