WTS 98M SP PVP Subcap pilot

Password : 12345

98M SP : PVP focused pilot.

PVP Highlights :

11M SP in Gunnery
14M SP in Missile
34M SP in Spaceship Command
+90% of those skills are maxed (lvl 5)

Misc Highlights :

Located in Jita or Rens, 1 JC (Rens), with implants
Negative Security Status
NPC corporation
Positive wallet (0 isk)
No kill rights
2 Skill Remaps available
14 years old and good looking

Starting Bid : 80 Billion Isk
Buyout : 95 Billion Isk


82 bil

Daily bump


84 bil


Sunday bump, buyout at 90b if I close the deal today

Happy to negotiate with you to finish the sale.

wrong post

Well I’m a good guy, 88b and it’s yours

87bil can send right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hum ok, send me isk and info

ISK and account info sent, Cheers.

Let me know when the ticket has been sent. Cheers @K_bal

Everything is in order, i’ve filed a petition for the plex transfer, in progress

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What’s the usual wait time for these transfers?

nice account :smiley:

Character transfered today

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