WTS 112 m sp subcap

check me out https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Stimp_Shi

NO Jump Clones

Nyx pilot

I would like to get 85 bil


86 bil

At OP, if you want to sell at 85bn isk that is your choice but you are asking below skill injector value. You would be wise to raise your BO.

That being said if you must get rid of it i’ll offer 86.5

Good luck

87 bil

90 bil offer

willing to take 90 bil offer

if you accepted 90 bil ,i will send you isk and account info at about 12:00 game time today, i am on my way home now , i will send isk as soon as possiable ,thanks for waiting.

91 bil - ready to send ISK now

Accepting 91 bil then

Are you in game now?

yes, in game


still for sell?

ISK and details sent as per in game convo

No notification of transfer as yet - would be grateful for confirmation please? Quick post here, or even screenshot of ticket if transferring by PLEX, would be appreciated.

ticket filled, thank you

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Great - thanks for the update

4 days later and still no sign of this toon on the new account; although a couple of those days were over the weekend, and this is a PLEX transfer.
Any steer from a GM how long this might take please?

This transfer will have been outstanding for a week when we hit tomorrow morning.

I raised a ticket yesterday asking whether it’s a queued job, or whether there might be a problem with the PLEX transfer or the charcater account, but still haven’t had a response.

No toon; and no customer support so far. Feeling a little unloved out here CCP folk…

EDIT: Mon 12 Aug - Still no repsonse to ticket. No response on forum. 10 days of nothing.

To anyone else on the Bazaar - steer clear of PLEX transfers! They’re a black hole of ISK and time.