Wts 80 M SP Missile Cap Pilot


Check my toon https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/KazaDim

Npc corp, positive wallet and sec status, 250k sp unlocated, no jump clones, high sec location.

Looking to get around 60 bil. Open to your offers!



Wow thats an Awesome Toon, hope i could spend 70b to buy this toon for a fair price. but for the moment i dont get this liquid to buy it :frowning:

How much time do you need to gather isk?

i had to sell a toon first before i get them liquid xD so that take a long time i think :frowning:

Oh, that may take long and I am in need of isk. Lmk if manage to sell it soon, my toon might be still for sale

57B buyout

57 suits me. We can make a deal!

confirmed then?

Yes, confirming the deal

sending isk and account info.

isk sent with account name to transfer to.


Alright, I ll check soon

status? you have the isk and account info…

still no contact from seller - opened petition yesterday on this.

looks like it was resolved by a gm - my isk returned.

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