Wts 80 M SP Missile Cap Pilot

(KazaDim) #1


Check my toon https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/KazaDim

Npc corp, positive wallet and sec status, 250k sp unlocated, no jump clones, high sec location.

Looking to get around 60 bil. Open to your offers!

(KazaDim) #2


(Sark Dahma) #3


(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #4

Wow thats an Awesome Toon, hope i could spend 70b to buy this toon for a fair price. but for the moment i dont get this liquid to buy it :frowning:

(KazaDim) #5

How much time do you need to gather isk?

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #6

i had to sell a toon first before i get them liquid xD so that take a long time i think :frowning:

(KazaDim) #7

Oh, that may take long and I am in need of isk. Lmk if manage to sell it soon, my toon might be still for sale

(JingoFiat) #8

57B buyout

(KazaDim) #9

57 suits me. We can make a deal!

(JingoFiat) #10

confirmed then?

(KazaDim) #11

Yes, confirming the deal

(JingoFiat) #12

sending isk and account info.

(JingoFiat) #13

isk sent with account name to transfer to.


(KazaDim) #14

Alright, I ll check soon

(JingoFiat) #15

status? you have the isk and account info…

(JingoFiat) #16

still no contact from seller - opened petition yesterday on this.

(JingoFiat) #17

looks like it was resolved by a gm - my isk returned.

(system) #18

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