WTS 88m SP Sub-cap Specialist - Sold

As per title, selling myself.

Char details can be found here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Quiick_Submiind

Skins: https://imgur.com/a/S5abwj5

Char location: hisec
Wallet: positive
Remaps: 0 (available in 2 months)
No killrights
+5 Implants

Less than 2 days on Advanced Spaceship Command V for those interested in training towards caps.

Start bid: 75b
Buyout: 82b

nice toon.

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75bill here

Thank you for your bid.

I would look at it))) I think that you can not extract.



acknowleged and accepted, send isk and details as required

PLZ BE QUICK PLEX are collapsing

sure thing, soon as I get the isk ill start the xfer. I am online now.

wait a minite I help my friend to bid i get him ASAP

maybe need awhile,we will sent isk ASAP

Beeno I will hold it for you for 1 hour then i’ll reopen bids.

OK he may be have time at 12 eve time ,we may accept the new pirce

Re-opening bids as nothing is guaranteed.

76B isk sent your account before another bid,the deal is done?

@beeno_jobs You either have the isk or not. I’m going to bed so if you send now I won’t be available transfer for about 10 hours.

Bids must be directly made and directly accepted.

I bid 77B

ISK has sent severl hours ago sorry reply late

Well snap