WTS 94,7m SP SubCap PvP Pilot

(Narckolog) #1

Hello ,
Im selling my character http://eveboard.com/pilot/Narckoz_Mehanick
94.727.160 SP
(32k SP Available)
Good Spaceship Command/Navigation/Missiles/Gunnery/Engineering skills
Pilot located in Jita
No killrights
Remap Available

Starting bid : 85B
B/0 : 95B

Buying All Toons at the best prices INSTANT ISK :dollar:
(Fatli Solvent) #2

82.5b offer

(Narckolog) #3

Thx for your starting bid, still waiting for a better purpose.

(Narckolog) #4

i am agree with 90b B/O

(Narckolog) #5

Daily bump, still available)

(Wolfgang Clare) #6


(Narckolog) #7


Buying All Toons at the best prices INSTANT ISK :dollar:
(Narckolog) #8

Limited Liability offer me 85b, if you give me this isk faster- you win

(Wolfgang Clare) #9


(Corax Echerie) #10

Changed mind

(Narckoz Mehanick) #11


(Narckoz Mehanick) #12

Sorry for my bad english, the situation is that im waiting first 85b B/O. Who will send me first 85B ISK and account for transfer will win this auction. And again sorry for myh bad English.

(Wolfgang Clare) #13


:star: IChooseYou - Buying all pilots BACK AGAIN! Instant isk!
(Narckoz Mehanick) #14

Bump!! waiting for 85b B/O.

(Narckoz Mehanick) #15

Daily Bymp! waiting for 85b B/O. All subcap Gunnery skills trained - 18 skills trained to level 5, All Missiles skills trained - 13 skills trained to level 5. Verry good Navigation skills!!!
44 Spaceship Command skills trained - 31 skills trained to level 5(Recon Ships/ Heavy Assault Cruisers/ Electronic Attack Ships/ Interceptors/ Covert Ops/ Assault Frigates/ All Tactical Destroyers- All 5 and more.)

(Azure Wyvern) #16

i will do 86b has to be next 12 hrs

(Narckoz Mehanick) #17

accepted, send me ISK and account for transfer.

(Narckoz Mehanick) #18

how is going?)

(Corax Echerie) #19

i can do 85b right now isk ready

(Narckoz Mehanick) #20

I was at work, I accept