WTS 59 mil sp combat focused Pilot Born in 2011

Hi there. As the title says I am selling myself. this character is mainly focused in combat skills as you would see in my eve skill board. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/dark_soulfury

this character has no kill rigths, positive isk balance , In NPC corp a set of standard implants and a jump clone located in null.Also has a yearly remap available.Character is located in Jita.
This character also has a relatively good killboard as you can see here https://zkillboard.com/character/91524733/

Start Bid 50 bill
B/O 55 bill
I will run this till 08 march all CCP rules apply.

Daily bump :slightly_smiling_face:. i also forgot to mention that this character can also fly minmatarr dread aswell as the nid/hel aswell as the panther (blops)

daily bump :slight_smile: B/O lowered

Daily bump. I have extended the time with 1 week. If not sold by then I’ll keep the character and just extract the sp

44B offer


bid noted thank you a bit low its under the starting bid

probably because they are basing it on what it would roughly cost to extract. which is 45 bil.

i can pay 47B.

true… but I wont go under 50 bil . this character was my main for quite some time…

i can pay 48B,This is my final offer

You know what I will accept this offer. I will be online at about 16:00 eve time as I am at work atm. You can sent the isk and account info to this character. And I will initiate the process. I will pay with my credit card as plex transfer doesn’t work anymore.

What time is it in your office?

It is now 08:32 which means it’s now 06:32 eve time I might get away earlier depends on how well the work gets done.

How soon will you be game?

Any time from 16:00 eve time which is 18:00 my time but if it goes well I might get online at 14:00 eve time which is 16:00 my time

isk and account info sent,plz check

OK thank you I will check as soon as I get home

What time do you get home?

I will be at home in about 2 to 3 hours. Please be patient the transfer will happen as soon as I get home