WTS Combat Focused 118M SP Pilot [Character Sold]


Positive wallet.

Positive sec status.

No kill rights.

Located in Amarr in Emporer Family station, jump clone also in Amarr.

Auction is for 7 days. Starting bid 90 bil.

90 bil

91 bil

Thank you for the bids so far.

92 bil

93 bil

94 bil…

94.5 bil

95 bil

95.5 bil

96 bil

100bil ready.

Withdraw Offer Bought another toon

Thanks for the offers so far.

send you an in game mail…pls answer me :slight_smile:

Response sent in game.

saw it right now… hope you accept my offer

Ingame deal

108b buy out bid

just accept and i send acc info and isk to the char

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108 bil b/o accepted

Mail with account details send and
Isk with 108b send to you