WTS/WTA excellent PVP/PVE 231M SP 2006 pilot

Greetings pilots.

I am selling this 231M SP lad who can fly almost everything in this game, lot of the ships with mastery V (especially Caldari and Matar)

Just for refference:

  • Armor skills all to V
  • Shield skills all to V
  • Drones/Fighters skills all to V
  • Engineering skills all to V
  • Navigation skills all to V
    etc… etc…
    He can fly everything from ceptors to Titans (Levi/Rag) with great skills.

Link to the skills:


Full learning clone (+5) already in the head and another one (standard) which is located far far away in N5Y-4N.

One remap avaliable.

  • Located in Jita
  • Postive wallet
  • Positive security status
  • No kill rights
    All CCP rules applies.

This unique pilot will not be sold for some cheap extraction price or whatever.

Minimum bid is 220 Bil ISK .
B/O is set to 290 Bil ISK.
It will run until i am satisfied with the offered bid.
edit: Transfer will be done creating ticket with PLEX

up up

240 B

Noted. Bump


To the top

Up up (B/O reduced)



To the top!


245 bil

Agreed ingame with Daylight Angel for 250B. Waiting for iskies and account name where to transfer the character.

ISK send to Bundylicious. Please transfer this char to STEAM::18700361. Thank you.

Uh… idk if CCP can transfer char from “regular account” to Steam account. ISD? GM?
However i will raise the ticket now since I received Isk


You need to do this before I start the character transfer. Do that and send me your account name via ingame mail.


I’ve created a new user name: sdfghm

SUPPORT REQUEST #1033275 created. Transfer should be done from CCP side from 1 - 4 days according to current practice.
Please confirm in this thread when you receive the character.

Thank you o7

HI, it’s been 8 days but I still haven’t received the char. ISD? GM?

Yeah… this is taking too much time… I never experienced delays like this in the past :frowning:
I will wait few days more, if character is not transferred yet, then I will cancel the sale and return the ISK to you.
Support ticket raised on 21st of December for refference: