WTA 71 m SP Uni PVP/PVE pilot

Open for offers, not in a rush to sell.

My build can be used with any type of ship with minimal time investment

WTA - Starting Bid: 50B ISK
Buyout Price: 65B ISK
Auction Time: 2 week

50b Offer

Bump! :wink:

Bump! :wink:

Bump! :wink:

Bump! :wink:

:wink: Bump!

please pay attention to the implants

55B offer, but i need it asap, if you will accept :slight_smile:

@Emelya-Che Any news?

Go to the bottom of my bid and I can sell it to you

Flamesky Monolith
You are now ready to ottati for 57 Sorry, just read

@Emelya-Che 57B we have a deal mate?

yes Flamesky Monolith

@Emelya-Che Deal then! For 57B :slight_smile: give me the name where i need to transfer the money… i am outside home now, will do it in a bit :slight_smile: Don t sell it to no one please, i am buy it :slight_smile:
Tnx mate

I’m also at work now, out of the game. transfer to persanage, after that I need the account name, where to transfer

Flamesky Monolith
your pilot

So i need to transfer money to Emelya-Che right?
And yes, my character is Flamesky Monolith :slight_smile:

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Flamesky Monolith nickname akk Flamesky Monolith?