WTS Blaster PVP pilot 7-8mSP (Nice name and looks)

How does 2b sound?

It wouldnt even cover thos cost of the character transfer, I now its her exctraction value but I need some more.

Still for sale

for sale still

bumpy bump

Still on sale.

bump bumps

still up

How about 3.5B?


Is this toon still for sale?

Kind regards,

Princessa Tracy

Hello Maam @Princessa_Tracy, if you like, I have a minmatar with a good name, clean employment history, good gunnery and missiles skill, and most of all capable of flying a Loki.

Sale 8M SP Dedicated HAM Loki Pilot. Maxed Subsystems. T2 Hams. Good gunnery, missiles and engineering SKILLS. 4.5bil - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

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This is still for sale yes.
Are you still intrested?

Still for Sale, message me in game for instant responce

3.55B? I can buy tomorrow. She’s missing a few core skills I’d have to train but otherwise would be good for an extra PVP alt.

3.6B…are you available to confirm this deal?

3.7B. Buy today

3.75B Buy now

Hi Princessa Tracy, please send Jon Calico an in game mail stating the account I should transfer the character to. I will begin the transfer ASAP. Thanks.

Isk sent, along with account name via eve mail. Please confirm receipt, also you need to drop the toon into an npc corp in order to transfer

I have received the isk and have processed the transfer.