WTS 166m pvp man with 4m unallocated and implants and stuff


Hello, selling myself.

I’ll let the skillboard do most of the work skills-wise but this bitch can fly pretty much everything subcap.
Comes with a spicy HG snake set, and MG crystal/assclap/slave(amulet) sets. And a +5 training set. All located in Jita or Perimeter.

Has some cool skins, namely the marshal swat skin, all 3 of the triglavian victory skins. If you actually care about skins I’ll be happy to provide a screenshot of all of them.

CCP rules apply and all that, positive wallet, -1.7 sec status.
Transfer will likely be done with plex.

Open to offers, I’ve no idea how characters are valued these days but this is a pretty decent one so I’ll just follow the 1b/1m sp guideline and see how it goes. If you have questions or want to send an offer privately for some odd reason add me on discord (Pantheon#2075), I probably won’t be logging in much.

Thanks m8s.


bump again

bumper bumper

Lovely char! :heart_eyes:

Wish I could afford her :cry:


i wonder why noone is bidding for this char, but i am sure thats not because of the Origin. :rofl:

However, given the low demand atm for chars and roughly 400mil per extractable injectors, i will still bid above that… 138 bil


148 bil

160 bil

thanks for the bid, i’ll consider but looking for a bit more prob