WTS 123M SP T3/PVP Pilot

This fella’s a real cutie!

Bid: 120B
Buyout: Whenver we get there!

Sec -0.4 (my bad), no kill rights, can shoot some stuff pretty good

Not bad with T3’s either!



bump 2: electric boogaloo

and a bump!


70b b/o

still interested?

I can do 60 if he isn’t.


70b b/o?

I can do 70

Can you accept my offer with the character? I am ready when you are will send isk and account info.

Nvm offer retracted good luck! o7

@WTB_All_Characters you good?

@S7ELLAR sorry I missed this, thanks for bidding!

66b/ isk and account ready


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