Looking to to sell me, take a look.

I will pay transfer fee. Char will be in high sec - has a plus sec status - Remap left x 1

Character highlights

Amarr Carrier Level V
Amarr Titan Level V
Doomsday Level V
Hac Level V
Recon Level V
Capital Level V
Command Level V
Logistics cruiser level V
Fighters level V
Heavy fighters level level V
Jump Drive Operation level V
Jump Fuel Conservation level V
Jump Drive Calibration level V
Capital Energy Turret level V
Medium Beam Laser Specialization level V
Medium Pulse Laser Specialization level V
Large Pulse Laser Specialization level V
Minmatar carrier level 4
Amarr dreadnought level 4
Capital Pulse Laser Specialization Level 4
Caldari carrier level 3

Gunnery(40 / 24,519,972)

  • 21 Level V Skills injected for a total of 21,504,000

Drones(23 / 15,766,365)

  • 12 Level V Skills injected for a total of 13,824,000

I am looking for offers of 90bill +

Buyout 100bill


76 bil

Thanks for the offer, I feels not we’re I’m looking for but Thankyou any ways.


Thanks for the 85 offer, I’m looking for at least 90 and I’ve only just put it up so hopefully will have more starting from there.

Later I will edit the post and highlight the chars many highlights.

90B B/O

  1. 5 bil

Current highest bidder is 90.5 bill

I will finish work in 3 hours and check offers and make a decision. First to offer buyout will automatically win regardless of any offers after 100 bill buy our met.

Last bump

No responses from either 90 bill bids so still open for offers

I want him i offer 91B

91bill offer highest so far, I am away from home until this time tomorrow. If this is the highest offer then, you will win and I will accept it.

I am getting offers in game please keep all offers on here Thankyou

92B B/O

Accepted 92bill B/o

Will start transfer tomorrow at eve time 15:00

ISk sent, account name sent

ISK Received please resend account name and i will start the transfer

CCP PAID - Transfer of character started now - GL enjoy the char!!!

Transfer Character


25 Sep 2022 11:17


haven’t receive anything yet

Char has left account please confirm receipt