WTS 105+ mil SP Amarr pilot

Hi all, WTS specified char.

Check Eve Board

Selling only character, not an acc (will pay for transfer).

Positive wallet (around 600+mil), positive security status. 2 remaps available. Assets exposed via API.

Here is keys to check char and his assets in eve mon:

Key ID: 6526481
Verification Code: 4Of4PgKiMfgkFspKBgXqE4nuRta31VvFAX5b9ZnKeAY8enKnWLjnav0xX9GrOwbi
Access Mask: 3282985291

Starting price: 95b. Buyout: 120b.


Info updated

82 bil

84 bil

86 bil

86.5 bil

87 bil

I’ll sell to the highest bid on Friday. Ty.

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Sold to user TxivYawg1. Please, confirm so I could start transition process.

Isk and account info sent

I’ll initiate transition process after work today. Ty.

Character transfer initiated. Thank you and good luck.

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