WTS 118SP Toon Sub cap

Looking to sell myself as just not playing anymore and dont seem to be able to find the time too. In no rush to sell so i will only be intrested in offers of 99b or more.

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Located in HS
Pos sec status
all rules etc
in npc corp (altho the link still shows i am in a player corp.

100b :slight_smile:

Hi thank you for your offer. i am going to leave the sale open for another 24hrs and see where i am at. thanks

Wrong post opps

101b offer

will run for another 5 hrs and hightest Bid over 100b wins

102b offer

Offer accepted . Please send Isk and Account info that you want him transfered too

Account information sent and isk transferred. Thank you so much.

Isk returned for now as Character transfer is locked. Please contact Customer Support Is showing on my Account.

When i have it sorted i will message you back. Sorry

Understood. Isk received. Thank you. Just let me know when it is avaiable for transfer and I’ll be happy to resend.

Will do and sorry again