-sold- WTS 92 Mil SP pilot - perfect Amarr & Gal JF

(Narkoos) #1

92 Million Skillpoints

196 skills with 96 at level 5

1 remap available Positive wallet Positive sec status
No kill rights no Jump Clone
Docked in high-sec, Jita in NPC Corp


Can do Pvp, Pve,
Anchoring, PI, Miner, Good Reprocessing,
JF Amarr / Gal Mastery L 5

Perfect in navigation; skills @Level 5
Almost prefect in Shield, Armor
Really good Gunnery and Drones

3 days to Gal Dread
17 days to Gal Carrier
41 days to Rorqual

Start offers at 85B, Buy out at 95B

I will accept or refuse it depending your efforts.
Once I accept and that I receive isk and email with account information, I will initiate transfer.
I reserve the right to accept or refuse your offer.

(Theodred Alabel) #2

Your eveboard is restricted and needs a password, which you did not include in your original post.

(Narkoos) #3

My bad sorry. It is removed now.

(Narkoos) #4

Make offer guys

(FrostyJack) #5


(Narkoos) #6

with +17b, which does 85b, I could be yours soon

(Armin Quark) #7

70 bars of gold pressed latinum

(Narkoos) #9

Hey Armin, I’ll accept, so please sent isk and email with your account info.
Once done, ping me here so I will start tranfert.


(Narkoos) #10

No news from Armin Quark, so it is open again for offers.

(Narkoos) #11

Take me to be yours !!

(Narkoos) #12

Please place offer

(Narkoos) #14

I’m still open to offers

(Narkoos) #15

Go make offers guys ^^

(Narkoos) #16

I’m still available

(TxivYawg1) #17

70bil isk ready to go

(Narkoos) #18

Deal Accepted, send me isk and an email in game with your account name so I will proceed transfert

(FrostyJack) #19

I will do 70 now if he doesn’t answer

(Narkoos) #20

Let’s move forward

(FrostyJack) #21

sending isk / account name

(Narkoos) #22

ok, isk received, and transfert initiated

Dear xxx,

You have chosen to transfer the character Narkoos to the account named yyy.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.