How much am i worth? [64,6m sp - Industrial, PI, T3]

I have had break form eve online for approx 7 to 8 years, and i am in complete loss what i were doing, or what i should be doing. I am now looking to get estimate price for this character or a tip what i should level it for?

I love manufacturing but due my break, i am lost and dunno where or how to start without corp. I really would like to fly capitals in low/null eventually if i decide to return and learn the curve again. Would this ruin the character’s potential what it is atm? Appreciate the feedback!


friendly start at 25b


If you intend to still play the game Selling your char is a terrible Idea you will sell your 64.6m char for maybe 40b then with that money inject a char to 25m sp and then regret it terribly xD.

If you like mining the money is now in gas mining, if you want to build and fly cap’s look for a null sec alliance. CCP still have some work to do on industry to make it worth while but its getting there slowly.

Characters are priced really badly atm and people will only buy your char so they can extract the sp and make a profit from it nothing more, like this guy above with his 25b he wanted to put your char into a juicer for some isk.

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Thank you for constructive feedback on my character! This was kind of info / message i was looking for. I really do appreciate the suggestions.

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Well as you mention before, 25b is a friendly start, and like if you get someone want it , good. Think it as a pump up, if you want quick isk , think it as a quick sale, that all for here. As for advice, your sp quiet … bad if someone want iny sp, you get too much other sp here . Best wish,


26b :slight_smile:

Melt value (how many skill extractors you can fill) is 118 skill extractors.
Inject value (the amount of large skill injectors required to get to the total skill points you currently have) is 162. This is presuming you start at 5 million sp, otherwise the inject value is higher.

A character might be move valuable to a buyer if they have expensive implant sets, rare skins, or focused skill plans (or expensive skill books injected). This character does not at first glance have any of those things, so there is little incentive for a buyer to pay more than melt value.

You can extract some of your skills to make a ‘tighter’ character with regards to skill, for example it looks like you could market it as a Paladin pilot, but someone looking for it might want more of the IV’s at V’s, so it isn’t quite ready to go from their perspective. The same player might also not want the industry or pi skills, and thus not want to pay more than melt value for that portion of the sp total (which factors into inject value).

The most important thing, don’t sell yourself short and forget to pay yourself in the price for the real life currency you as the seller pay in the transaction.


If this character goes on sale, let me know.

Sure thing, ill let you know if i decite to sell this character :wink:

25b :перевернутая сторона:

You are close to making this a Paladin Marauder character (currently highly sought after) with extras. It’s in the 28-32 bil range currently.

35 billions, i can send isk to you right now if you decide to sell



30 bill

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