71 Mill PvP pilot For sale

thinking about selling i am curious about a price check. to many lvl 5s to type so here is the skillsheet: EveSkillboard - Kaia Cadence

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Hydro Kush 187 40B

thats not a real price check thats just your low ball offer

I’m convinced that some of these accounts run bots to scrape the forums to make melt value offers whenever they come upon an eveboard link, be it in a wts or wtb thread.

A couple issues with the skillpoint allocation: you have decent subcap skills mixed in with Minmatar Carrier and Dread, but most people don’t want those skillpoints on the same character when they are considering a secondary or tertiary alt.

Some of your skills are not as focused as they could be either; you have some V’s, but really only those that are required as prerequisites. Gunnery supports, navigation skills, armor/shield supports, could all be sharpened to V. And some common useful skills aren’t there at all (sensor compensations, for example).

The sad part is the character is a good jumping point for someone joining the game, as it gives a good cross spectrum for a single character main, but ccp seems to be missing the opportunity to sell new/returning players a package with plex and maybe a transfer coupon to give you a potential buyer, instead you get a forum full of sub melt value offers. You have a few more skillpoints across the injection threshold with nothing really wasted, and thus have some value; you just need the right buyer.

A more direct answer to value, you can calculate the melt value(how many large skill injectos you can create, which is tied to the cost of plex (buying extractors from the new eden store) and use that as a low value. The high value would theoretically be implants, all skillbooks learned, along with a calcuation for how many injectors it would take you to inject from scratch. You won’t ever get that value, unless there is value tied to the name/history/etc, but it gives you an idea of a window you are working with. Straight melt values from the mass marketers are insulting as they ignore that you are out 20 real currency for the transfer.

thanx but you didnt tell me what you think the value is

Magnus Flagrifer we just use our phones to make bids and then pay when we get off work/ out of school. No bot needed.

id say between 45-60B.
keep in mind, if you do sell, to please see the char bazaar rules
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lol i dont need a fake moderator with nothing to do in life telling me info on how to sell a pilot ive sold tons of them. post is about getting aa price not asking for help on rules


offer 45B

I offer 47

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