Character value check’s_Slave

Just wanted to check how much this character would be worth I’m really new to the entire character selling and buying scene.

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Your character is worth 25b if you were to extracted sp, but you could get more if you spend some time specializing her. from the skills you already have, she could be decent ishtar pilot, maybe transport hauling alt or even improve her carrier/cap skills and some one looking for certain spec alt may pay you more for it.

Thanks for all the information, really helped a lot.

If you dont mind could you tell me the price of my second character above :sweat_smile:

27-28Bil for Someone’s Slave and 100+ bil for Nex Supervos.

My evaluations account for current extraction profit and around 3bil for the base char (5 mil sp once stripped) value.

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oh okay so 120bill for example for Nex Supervos?

Id say 100-105 unless someone really likes the name.

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Oh okay that sounds reasonable thanks for all the help you guys are awesome :+1:

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