WTS 13.7 mil (+8.1 mil unallocated)

Thanks for retracting your bid at the last second, Mate, if you had found a new character earlier it would’ve been nice to let everyone else to know…

@Icarus_LI, I assume your bid is also retracted? Unless I hear from you when I wake up tomorrow (midnight here), then I guess it goes to @TxivYawg1.

I’m online right now if u want we can start right now

I injected into a new pilot about 20 minutes before the post, I’m sorry that you didn’t accept my bid earlier? Literally any time before I retracted and I would have bought on the spot mate.

Sorry, m8, I had to crash for work and I just missed you. If you’re still interested, send the ISK and the account name and I’ll begin immediately.

HI,idk if i can catch up or u already on the way work, if you are ready now i can do it

I’m still here, m8. You can send it

accnout and isk sent

Transfer initiated. Thanks for the business o/

email recieved good trade o7

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