Full set of +5 implants

1 remap

Complies with all CCP rules

Starting Bid: 12bil

Buy Out: 15bil

I can offer 11B

10.5 bil

No bids accepted so far, do to them being under the starting bid.

hey there,

Bid for 12bil accepted if it holds for 3 days he’s yours.

13b pls. I can give 15b for ransom

13bil is current bid. Lowering the buy out to 15bil (the lowest buy out I’ll go). 2 days left, highest bid wins.


Buy out accepted for 15b. Send Isk and info.

Isk not received, bidding is starting back up. 13.5 is the current bid, buy out will remain at 15bil.

I have not been contacted by any of the bidders. If your bid still stands, repost it here. If not posts are received I will assume that I need to repost this sale to start from scratch.

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