Sold closed positive balance

  • 5 implants all around

1 remap

3 skins

25bil buy out.

I can offer 12.1B


Still taking bids for 12 more hours or buy out is hit.

Sorry remove my bid. Funds spent.

I can do the 16bil bid if you extend the auction till tomorrow.

Sorry terms set, I have to stand by what I said. I hope you understand.

I’ll offer 12bil.

Send isk and account name. I will begin the transfer when received.

Edit: Its has been 1 hour, and I have not received any Isk or details. I will be selling to Lucy in another hour if not contacted.

Edit: No payment received, sale canceled. Send no Isk after this edit. It will be returned.

I guess sleeping at night is no longer ok…

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