11 mil SP Industry character

Location: Jita
EveSkillboard: Tegan Jordan
No killrights for or against
Positive wallet and sec status
No assets included
No remaps available
0 unused skill points
NPC Corp

Advanced Industry V, AMP IV, SCM V, Sci Networking V, Advanced Lab Op IV

Auction ends June 20 @ 1800 eve time
Starting bid: 6 Bil
Buyout: 10 Bil

4.5B ISK ready



Thank you all for the bids. Daily bump.

Please note I will only consider the set minimum bid offers and greater to be acceptable. Any offers lower than this will not be considered, and will not be up for debate. If you feel the price is not what you wish to pay, keep looking through the hundreds of other posts on this forum. Otherwise, you are bumping this thread needlessly and being disrespectful to the other sellers. Thank you.

Daily bump.

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

I offer 7.5B

Eh, that’s fair. Send the ISK and account name in game and I can transfer right away.

isk and info sent

Hey, thanks, I got the ISK but ddn’t get your account name, I couldntfind it in my mails. Can you resend please?

nvm, I see where you sent it :wink:

Transfer complete, as you are probaly aware there is a ten hour wait per CCP before she can be accessed. Thanks for the sale!

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