SOLD Anchored Raitaru,

(Temperance Aldard) #1

EC is currently anchored in Kamio, looking to sell it,

if it doesn’t sell i will decommission it and sell to market.

575m for it,

any questions let me know

ownership can be transferred by me giving you control of corp and leaving or ill transfer to a corp of your choosing

(CopyCatz) #2

Keep a Eye out hmmm…

(Temperance Aldard) #3

yes i saw this post, i have no idea who that bloke is,

this post is the reason i said i would hand over the corp and then you can transfer to who ever the buyer likes,

if no one buys it i will decommission it and sell on market just figured if i can transfer it i don’t have the 7 day wait

(Jen Momaki) #4

Well I still have isk set aside to buy one. Hit me up and we can work something out.

(Temperance Aldard) #5

in game mail sent


Legit guy not a scammer, Just did the trade no problem

(Temperance Aldard) #7

glad your happy,
not everyone in eve is a scammer even if it looks like it.

Risk = Reward :smiley:

great trade good guy would trade again