Station trader with skills and standing with Caldari Navy

Buy/sell corp assets at buy and sell prices. Station sitter, collateral available until trust gained? Also a station trader who can teach others who have no experience.
Margin Trading 4 and low taxes so I can load quite a bit.

Day trader in my retirement so this let’s me multitask, although this is the majorly dumbed-down version.

I ate a few injectors in case you’re wondering.

Mail me or convo.

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Greetings, interested in an industry corp placed 7 jumps from jita?


Absoltely I’m in game if you wish to mail/convo.


Ammending the collateral thing to as long in corp, no interest in thieving from anyone. You just need to deliver is all. PLUS, I can get all items needed for corp at jita buy/implants, etc.
Save some pennies, you know.

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I can’t create a new mail on phone somehow, can y mail me so I can ask some stuff.

sure just one moment, brushing teeth.

So what are you looking for here?

To benefit the corp I’m with.

I deal in implants and can get at buy order which can save tons, gas mining implant being an example, +3,+4’s I can provide at jita buy order, saving a few mill per set…, can put up isk for collateral, put up buy/sell orders for corp items for a discount

Damn… where were you when I had to sell 53B of PvP loot… Lol

Planning my retirement perhaps. Depends on when.

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