Looking to get into station trading


I’m looking to get into station trading but I’m in need of some capital to help start out, especially for these listing and modification fees, at least until I’ve trained the needed skills up. So if anyone could send some ISK my way it’d be greatly appreciated!

Not sure if this was the right section or not (or if this is allowed here, but it seemed the right place), thanks in advance!

ok, send me any isk and ill double it.

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Begging is actually not allowed on the forums.

You are however allowed to present a business plan and proposition a loan.

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Greetings mate . The station trading became a little bit harder due to last market patch. Now you pay a decent fee when changing an order price, Wich makes you need to play smart and think ahead . feel free to mail me ingame I’ll be glad to help . If you need capital to start off I can hire you to do some stuff , but never give away isk like that xD

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Gank a freighter. Then you can take the loot to Jita and start trading.

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Best way is to buy Plex and sell it for capital. I recommend $500. Send me the Plex or ISK and I will double it within 1 day. Best ISK you’ll ever make.

Station trading is actually quite viable, even with a new Alpha char (near 10 mil ISK). Just take your time and use the provided tools. Good luck.

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