Possibly Rare BPO

Found this, a Polymer Reactor Array Blueprint

description reads : This type of blueprint has been phased out and may no longer be used for industrial activities.

id sell but having trouble with a PC

Its worthless mate, when pos’s get removed entirely maybe you will get a refund in isk just for keeping the bpo in your hanger from CCP.

any idea how much isk ?

Probably the same as it used to cost so somewhere between 20-100 mil I cant remember how much they used to be was many years back.

Keep it, it’ll be a good memory for whoever you scammed to get that BPO.


100m offer :smiley:

150 mil

Would be a hilarious plot twist if actually he was scammed buying it and now pretends it was accidentally found and in reality wants to get rid of it to ease the loss of ISK the scammer got away with. :rofl:

Would be funny if its worth 1bil just like the rest of those old structure bpo’s used to cost back in the days lol, wish I could remember thou way to long.

Uriel, Drugs are bad mmmkay

So it is true, that’s what happened. :joy:

actually dude it wasa filesale with lot of cruiser bpo 10 20 and mods, i already made isk back + some this is just extra i was curious on, besides i got over 300b wallet between me and my alts, i twas a 850m contract i couldnt care less

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk:

Thats a lot of scams.

wow and u always told me u were poor… do I get my Loaned isk back now? :parrotmustache:

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everybody Lies, or is that everybody poops ?

I guess thats a no

300 mil bid by EVE Museum.

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