[Selling] Multiple T2 BPO

2x separate 100mm Steel Plates II Blueprint

I am looking for 15 billion isk each , price is negotiable.

Energized Explosive Membrane II Blueprint - SOLD SOLD SOLD

NOTHING wil be moved, or traded, only contracted made by me

any off topic posts will be reported to CCP.

Spent the better part of 2 days pushing to get purples to jita just for him to try to trade/contract scam them from me. Buyer beware

Known scammer


I know the person that sold the EEM BPO to him. Seller made the contract, he accepted.

I’d still advise making sure the contracts are correct since Amelia would be given more trust than an unknown seller.

The Contracts will be legitimate and proper in the mean time thank you for your publicity and bumps

as legitimate as the trade window scams you’ve been conducting in jita?

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I mean, he owns these t2 prints, he’s looking to sell them, and he’s gonna make you a private contract for em.

I guess he could contract you a BPC, but if you accept that it’s kinda on you.

can confirm that, he have try it at my Capital Firewall Breach Skins.

Please do NOT ask me to make a contract, then refuse to buy to simply waste my time

Any further harassment in the game and forums will be directly reported to CCP

what harassment are you talking about ? dude we are literally warning the others of your dirty scams. that’s not harassment, that’s telling the truth to your face.


delivery available?

Right into your gank?

still for sale

price reduced

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