Jita Scammers

I just like to start this topic to let people who don’t know that there are scammers everywhere at Jita. NEVER OPEN LOCAL CHAT AT JITA. I opened it and got fooled by someone called an ISK doubler. They ask you to send them isk and in return you will receive double if you do something correct. No matter how legit it sounds, DON’T DO IT. I lost a TON of money to one of these scams and I’m still trying to recover financially from it.

This is bad advice. There are a lot of good deals in Jita.


The hypernet relay offers are good. But the scams aren’t so I guess if your going to open up local chat, play it safe and ignore all of the ISK doublers

I made my first ten billion with isk doubling. You just gotta follow the rules.


Why would you think that someone would constantly double your isk in game, If someone asked you to do that in real life you would (I hope) know that it is a scam, same in game… there are legitmate offer in eve local, ive tried advertising my contracts there myself, but it is pretty easy to tell a scam.


I did… The person didn’t say I won or lost, they just ignored me. I sent an email and a private chat request for about 30 minutes till I realized it was a scam. I read all the rules to. Maybe some of them are scams while others aren’t? Do you recall the name of the person who didn’t scam you? I wonder if it was one of the other ISK doublers in the chat, I only tried one.

Agreed, curiosity got the better of me unfortunately.



Just keep trying, there are some legit isk doublers out there, even a few triplers.

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This is a very helpful link, thanks.

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Try not to get suckered again, if it sounds too good to be true, it is


I used to legitimately double people’s ISK just to mess with their minds.

No longer doing it because I keep a very small cash balance on hand these days. That said, I’ll double a small amount for you just to make you feel better, OP.

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Yeh, I want him to get something for his money, I’ll double a little bit too, but no more than 1 billion max.

Oh dear…

Please, tell me you are not posting with your main.


I got suckered by an ISK doubler early on, and lost a million. Thankfully, it was one million out of 749 others, and they stayed in my wallet.

If you try an ISK doubler, make sure you’re willing to kiss that money goodbye forever and ever amen. Some doublers are in fact legit. Most are not.

You can’t win if you don’t play, but you can’t lose, either. Just like you shouldn’t undock what you can’t afford to lose, you shouldn’t pay out what you can’t afford to lose, regardless of what someone says they’ll do.

There are no guarantees, so make sure you’re willing to accept however it plays out.


I can confirm this.
A lot of business opportunity in jita.

You can always buy cheap 1 mil Geckos in Jita local, best price you’ll ever find. :wink:

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Come on I got a pacifier bpc and 150m of drones for 2k isk in jita local

Pull the other one, nobody is that dumb. The only scammer you can trust is @Aiko_Danuja

dont trust any of them!

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