How do these Jita scams work?

Some of them are obvious, like the ones advertising to “click enter twice so that someone else doesn’t get it!” or the ones that are trying to fool you on a decimal point if you don’t look carefully. However, I can’t figure out how some are scams, even though my intuition tells me they are and I haven’t gone near any with a 10 foot pole.

For instance saw a contract yesterday to sell a Gecko for roughly a million. Clicked on it and scrutinized the Bejesus out of it. Even clicked on the image of the Gecko, and it brought up the Eve description of it.

Today I saw a Gnosis contract but couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it.

Just curious.


–Gadget receives all the pay


In those types of scams the contract is legit. It is usually already fulfilled and therefore closed. A series of those contracts are posted which you are intended to click on with the hope that you will get frustrated for missing the opportunity to accept the contract. Then the scam contract is posted in the hope that you click on it in a rush with out looking at it because you missed out on the other contracts.

Alternatively it could be a contract where the top part of it is legit but on the bottom it says you are transferring back a plex or something like that.

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I saw that one too. The contract was completed and closed back in January. I didn’t look beyond that, but the dates were not valid.

Everything advertised in Jita local, any conversations players initiate and most contracts are scams.

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The above may help explain.

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whenever we were stalking someone in jita we used to play " spot the legitimate advert "

its exactly as hard as you’d expect.

they are there though.

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On the gecko make the first contract for 1mil and accept it on an alt quickly then link it in local, then make the next one for 1 bil

Gnosis do the same thing first for 5mil next 500mil,

there’s a guy in jita right now doing VNIs first at 51 mil next at 511mil

check the contract, if it’s completed it will have 2 names on it, issued by and contractor, with the status as finished. the 1mil gecko will almost certainly be finished. The next time they link a contract it will have the issued by, and status outstanding.

Greed that’s why they work.

The desire to take advantage of someone else’s mistakes are part of it, and then it all goes pete tong on ya.


In my experience, sheer stupidity and laziness is the cause. Yes I have sold a Hulk for 30 Million when they were 300 Million… But also someone contracted me a full set of Quafe permanent skins for 40 Million and sold them off for 4 Billion.

then there’s the fire-sales where they are too lazy to price the items out so they give away 10 Billion in assets for a quick 300 Million… Been there many times.

Stupidity and laziness has funded my Eve play for literally years on multiple accounts.

Thanks guys! o7

stay stupid…

and lazy.


You would wonder how many bots are used to “arrow up” and “enter” in stead of a human… every 20~60 seconds, hours on end… must not be for everyone…

I am not a scammer but I have to stay the most entertaining scam I have seen in Jita is 3.2.1

A person gives a 3 second notice and a 3 second countdown to the fact he is about to post a contract. That contract could be a completely underpriced ship like a VNI, they even might underprice them back to back or something. But guaranteed soon after a good deal is actually gotten a scam contract is quickly inserted to punish anyone who clicks too fast to try to get that good deal.

I find it fun to watch because some people are actually making money while others are losing. Yes it works, I have seen too many people complain to not believe it works, fun to watch too. Most scams are not.

there is a trick to this one thou they post it in a separate channel first so one of their alts (or friend’s) can accept it first and then they post in public after, giving their alt a few seconds head start, it is still possible to open the contract before the alt has accepted it but its very unlikely you will have enough time to check to see if its a scam first then accept would have to be complete luck.

Similar to how summer blink had alt’s in there to win most of the round’s if you studied it close enough you would notice about 20 people winning 70% of all bet’s.

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I can almost hear Bernie Sanders’ voice when I read that line from the INN article.


I am pretty sure if you just had a alt with a very limited wallet, so you couldn’t be scammed, it would be very possible to scam back the scammer in this situation.

Wow that is actually pretty brilliant, yea should work, I used to collect bits and pieces of weird items 3 or 4 of each in case people ever used them in one of those margin trading scams :smiley: got one of them once was L faction crystals lol was epic! Always fun trying to beat the scammers at their own game’s, damn hard thou.

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