New trading rules. Problems with changing orders

After changes in trade, disappeared the check and the tips when changing orders. When changing from expensive trading positions to cheap ones, there is a chance of making a mistake. There used to be data entry control, but now it’s gone. As a result, I buy resources for 12kk, make a mistake, and another player gets 12 billion. I hope this is not a feature.

omg, holy ■■■■
my sides are in O R B I T right now because of this moron’s mistake.


There’s a warning, that usually pops up. If you set an order for significantly below or above the regional average. It shows up as the “Selling items” warning. This applies to both Buy and Sell orders.

The “Selling Items” warning looks like this:


Here, I’m trying to sell an item for 6,931% ABOVE the average regional price. And the system is warning me that this is weird and probably not what I had intended.

OP selected the “Do not ask me again” checkbot. Probably because he thought he was some hotshit and knew what he was doing. And then he fat fingered this order, causing him to eat metric hundreds of millions in Broker’s Fees for listing that sell order.

AGAIN: THIS APPLIES TO THE BUY AND SELL ORDERS. (If it’s too far out of the regional average, EVE Online will warning you once that you are selling a buy/sell order that is far beyond the buy/sell averages).


Sorry OP. That warning is ALWAYS enabled by default. Every player, no matter how new or how old, gets that warning whenever they try to make an order that deviates too far from the regional average. At some point, you thought you were a bad ass and selected that “Do not ask me again” option. And EVE Online, following your orders, chose not to ask you again.

So when you made this hilarious buy order (that is in excess of regional averages), EVE Online did exactly what you told it to do, not ask if you really want to make such a crazy buy order.

You dug your own grave on this one, OP. Suck it up.

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please remain calm.
I said that this only happens when the price changes and it only appeared after a big change in trading.evechange
the percentage information is only available when placing an order, now.

I can’t recall ever seeing the warning when changing an order and I’ve made my share of mistakes - normally in the opposite direction - missing a digit when lowering the price. Leads to an agonizing 5 minutes until you can correct the mistake!

That said, mistakes in Eve have consequences. We lose ships because we forget to turn on our hardeners and ISK because we make mistakes in the market. Beyond the first 30 days, I don’t believe CCP should protect us from our mistakes.

if I bought a ship, made an undock and it was destroyed - this is my risk, this is normal. if I bought a ship, made an undock and it was destroyed and 12 billion was taken from me - this is wrong, from my point of view. Here, too, the same thing-the cost of 12 million. if I lose within these limits - it is normal-I took a risk, I lost. If I am told to give another amount 1000 times more and I can only protect myself from this by hiding the money - this is not quite right, IMHO.

I think everyone has made this mistake at one point or another. Getting burnt sucked, but it did teach me to pay better attention to detail. Of course, I never lost nearly that much. Ouch.

Anyway, besides paying close attention to my buy and sell prices, I also keep money in a “bank” character and shop with another. That way if I do make a mistake, the worst I can do is clear out my shopping toon.

Finally, you can try contacting the seller to see if he’s willing to refund you any part of the money (do not whine, do not demand, do not act entitled to it). I had a guy refund me my money once when I was a young noob, but it was probably only a couple million isk.

There has always been a warning when modifying an order that results in (50%?) above or below regional average. It mostly happens with low volume items, but I can not confirm if it has changed after the update because I refuse to log in and modify my 2000, mostly low volume orders.

I hate this game.

I immediately sent the recipient of my money an email with an error message. But he ignored it. New-25-days capsuleer (someone’s ALT), new Corporation-from 25.02.2020. He is a hero, why would he send money back if it is allowed by the game rules?

The problem is that when working with trading orders, you open access to all your funds. There was a possibility that all the money would be debited from the wallet by purchasing a standard buy order and making one mistake. This fatality can alienate players.

Like I said, I keep most of my money on a “bank” character, and shop with another. It limits the damage a mistake can make. I normally only keep a hundred mil on characters for small expenses, and only transfer over larger amounts when needed (and then I only transfer about as much as I will need). And, of course, I regularly transfer excess money out of my PvE character wallets.

Now, should there be a change to the buy/sell order window that would reduce people’s chances of making this mistake? I’m not sure. On one hand, I like the fact that Eve is harsh and unforgiving, and that it gives you enough rope to hang yourself. On the other, this is a pretty crappy way to lose money. Like, I don’t mind losing ships because I practice proper risk management, tend to get my money’s worth out of ships, consider the vast majority of my ship losses to be my own damn fault, and often feel like I learned something from the loss. Losing money through a typo, however, just feels crappy. It’s hard to feel like the loss has made you grow as a player, and you certainly can’t say that you had fun. So, I don’t know.

Anyway, I feel for you man. Most people pay a much smaller price to learn the lesson that you did.

it would be good to make a limited amount of money spent from the wallet at a time (in the settings). If it is not set, then let the entire wallet be debited. Put 1 billion on the transaction and go to work. If you need more, go and change the amount.

Better than that, make toons have more than one wallet

Done. Thank you.

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