Issue with Buy or Sell order rounding the price

I’ve been trying to learn how trading works, and I stumbled upon an issue. When I try to sell something at, for example, 5000.01 ISK, and press sell, it rounds the price to 5000 ISK and then sells. This has led to me having to wait until I can update the order, however, in some cases it continues rounding the price to the nearest whole number.

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4 significant figures only now .

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Thankfully, CCP has put an end to .000000000000000000000001 ISK station trading games

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Yea it sucks. It should give a bloody warning before rounding.

Only game that I know of where the game lets you type a price, but then enters another price without your consent. Hopefully that warning will come with the next update.


If only CCP gave a warning to player almost 2 weeks in advance so we could prepare or something!!

Oh wait, they did.

Maybe you don’t understand what an ingame warning is. There are ingame alerts on many of the market actions, and most likely one will be added to this action sooner or later as well.




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God you are thick. I am talking about an ingame alert on the action. You are talking about something out-of-game.

This is the game literally overruling the actions you are legitimately attempting, without your consent. It is the equivalent of a player clicking to jump the gate to Hek, but instead the game jumps him into Rancer without any notification.

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You are dead set on playing a victim. Okay.
Have fun with that.

Maybe one of these days, your brain will develop and you’ll be able to read the dev blogs that CCP posts, launcher notifications, posts on social media, etc. all that took place 2 weeks before the change.

Dearie, the warnings all came from the placed I already told you about. But if you wanna close your eyes and cry to your momma, CCP can’t help you.

I can explain it to you in a different manner. The philosophy of EVE is that players are responsible for their own actions. Logic dictates then that the game must not be allowed to substitute an action with another action that the player did not want.

When your action is illegal, it should not be carried out. If you for example attempt to warp an illegal distance, 50 km, your warp will not execute. The game does not warp you 1000 km in the same direction, because that would be completely unwarranted. Likewise, the game should also not enter an unwanted price when the price you enter is illegal. The price should simply not execute, just like the warp did not execute.


I’m sorry that person just keeps dominating your thread with his negative attitude. He does this every chance he gets, and the best thing you can do when you see his name is to just pretend you didn’t notice him and move on.

The issue you’re having is with a poorly conceived change to the game that - as you have discovered - was just as carelessly implemented.

Weather this storm and just try not to let it bother you. Maybe ccp will even give you back your money since it is their fault

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I agree the whole “tick” mechanic is idiotic and could easily confuse people or cause mistakes. The game shouldn’t let your enter prices you can’t place orders at rather than the way it rounds. Don’t just enter a price and hit the button. Tab or click out of the field first to see what it rounded to and if that is what you want. You have to be very careful and double check what it rounds to or you could be screwed.

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You can also just touch the “Sell” button - touch and slide away. That will not execute the sale, but it will round the price up.

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You are just as bad as the person screaming ccp have no notifications on ending Plex transfers. When in fact they did. Everyone with a brain who cares about the changes, knew these were happening. Daft much?

I just noticed this rounding, I am placing a buy order for plex and I always like to make the number end with 666.66 or 666 and for some reason I am not allowed to do that any more?

Rounding is very stupid, if they wanted to reduce the under biding they should increased the transaction fees or they could eliminated the decimal numbers.

Eve online has one of the best in game market within all MMO and now they just worsen it. The reason it is so good is it resemble real life market, but not anymore, your going backward CCP.

People will still undercut and the number of items on the market will stay the same, but now prices will drop significantly.

Yes, they should alert you at the time of transaction that your price have been modify.


as a returning player I had no warning of this… I wasnt playing feb 20… so… yeah… no other game does that and I didn’t read anything in the window that said it would. I have had to adjust several buy orders multiple times because Im bidding 100,000 isk more than the previous order. I never liked the .01 thing either. if you’re going to undercut someone, don’t be a gallente about it.

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It’s July, and still not fixed. I put in one price and the market selects and it inputs a different price. Then makes you wait to try to fix what it did wrong.

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Yep. This latest massive F U to players is one of the reasons I unsubbed. I just check the forums every now and then to laugh at the latest round of player abuse the CCPtards have engineered. I tell my friends about it and they just shake their heads and thank God they either never wasted money on EVE or got out many years ago.

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