Typo while updating buy order leads to huge loss

I was updating my buy order from “400 000 000.00” to “400 200 000.00” , i have changed only one digit. Turns out i have purchased item from top sell order for “4 002 000 000” (4 B) isk!
Obviously typo happened. On my request CCP answered it is feature not bug.
How it works on real world stock exchange: in such case i would purchased top sell order for seller price but not for mistyped price. Because Coinbase or Poloniex, etc protect their customers.
How can I request fix this “feature” from CCP ? (I am customer by 2 paid accounts.)

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by requesting that they escalate the ticket you logged to another GM? Assuming you logged a ticket.

Eitherway. Finger trouble and checking what you do is sometimes the responsibility of you. The difference between coinbase and EVE. Coinbase has real consequences since it is the real world. EVE is a game.

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I suspect you’ll not get the loss returned: the ISK has gone to another player, they may have already spent it buying from others. There’s no easy way to reverse the transaction.
If as an innocent third party CCP just took ISK off me because someone else - who I know nothing about, and that I hadn’t benefited from or ever dealt with - has made a sloppy error. Let’s just say “I’d not be happy”.

Yeah, I’ve made similar finger errors - typos and so forth. Probably lost a few billion or so over the last few years.

My typo. My failure to check. My problem.

Quick tip: when changing orders by a little bit (as you were) use either the mouse scroll wheel or the up and down cursor keys to change by one step at a time.

And on the stock market, if you place a buy order and someone accepts it then that’s done. Most banks and reading organisations have checks to ensure the trade is in accepted bounds.
Eve has that in place: you know that “order is 1342% over average” pop-up you just ignore or have clicked don’t tell me again. That was your warning…


By not having large sums of ISK on your character. Use an alt as your piggy bank.


Yeah, this is a good advice, but not foolproof. I do have more than 4B in my char’s wallet usually. And had this happening to me as well a few years ago. It’s not nice, but if the money was not to NPC no chance getting it back … unless the other is a super nice person. Worth a try. In my case they were not, actually trying to extort me of more ISK when approaching them.

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Oh boy, all the fuzz for 4B ISK.

It’s a feature, it adds risk and reward to the market. - Would you cry here the same if you were on the receiving end?

I like the ability to add a tip on top of market orders and therefore I agree with CCP, it’s a feature.

Nope, you don’t. The ISK in game is property of CCP. Nothing inside the virtual world of New Eden belongs to you. They can do whatever they want with it, even decide to wipe all accounts to 0 balance one day.

A bug would imply a problem or mistake on the systems end. Where you entered a number to buy something, and another, completely different amount was fulfilled. I.e you lost 4 billion isk when you only entered 400 million.

That is a bug.

You entered 4 billion, and you lost 4 billion isk. This is not a bug. This is your mistake. A costly one, but your mistake.

Do you know what CCPs protection is?


You pressed Yes.

They still supported you. They told you what happened, and whos fault it was.

Sucks to be accountable for your actions, doesnt it.


In reference to this, if you mean you bought PLEX and sold it for ISK, then yes you did spend real money. But regardless how much you spend, nothing in EVE online you have any interest over.

If you bought 20k in plex and a week later ccp shut down, they wouldnt owe you that.

The longer i play eve, the more i feel like this is gonna happen.

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Rage quit is part of the process.

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