The biggest market mistake contest

Hey all,

So funny story… I just lost like 30 bil ISK to an error on a buy order… And that was like 90 % of my wallet. Soooo… I was just curious, did anyone ever lost more amount of ISK on the market, or did I win the title for the biggest sucker in New Eden marketplace?

Feels like all this work I put in for 2 years, was undone by a simple coma error…

Is there any chance to recover at least some part of lost ISK?

I tried to e-mail the clients, but so far only 2 great people responded and refunded 300 mil in total.

Anything else can be done about it or should I just throw myself into a cistern of boiling sulphuric acid to ease up the pain a bit?

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There are people who lost hundreds of billions of isk on stupid non-collateralized ponzi schemes, so no, yours is just a mistake, and therefore does not make you the biggest sucker in new eden. It just makes you look like an idiot.

And no, there is no way to make your isk back, unless you scam someone else, or someone else donates isk to you.

But how could you possibly make a mistake? You right click, and say “buy”. There is no inputting of numbers required.

I was editing the price one a previously set buy order, of course there is number input required

It was on a buy order, I am guessing you selected the price field which already included the default “highest buy order price” and accidentally forgot to clear it before entering your own price and doubled the digits in the price.

It happens and then usually a warning window comes up to say something like “are you sure you want to set your price at 90,834,589,023,748,237,421% above market average?” but of course you get so used to clicking through things like this you do enough trading it is going to happen eventually.

It doesn’t help that the networth estimation is so out of sync in this game that it is common to see the warning come up with hundred of thousands of percentages above market average value.

Myself, lost billions multiple times. Maybe even as much or close to your 30 bil loss overtime but not all at once.

What I learned is you don’t keep all your isk in the same wallet for multiple reasons. Have a wallet for buy orders, for different divided sections of buy orders, different wallet for sales income. Don’t keep more isk than you need to pay all your buy orders if filled. Don’t use your profits wallet to make general purchases, make them with the clones wallet and only transfer as much isk as you need to pay what you know you need so if you make a mistake you don’t have the extra isk to complete the actions.

Another thing that can happen is you set your sale price on the market too high and end up losing billions to broker fees again setting your price trillions of percentages higher than average and again skip clicking through the warning like it was nothing because of complacency.

Fortunately on losing isk to broker fees you can file a ticket to get your isk back, still never bothered to do that myself it was just a few billion over a period of months. Unfortunately any mistake where your isk goes to another player cannot be recalled by CCP and refunded.

Sorry for your loss, someone else is having a time I bet but no you definitely don’t get the record for biggest dumbest mistakes in this game.

Eve is about loss, the longer you play the more your loss. What keeps players with the game is accepting and taking those losses, learning from them and pushing on.

It gets easier with time but it is ok to feel like shutting the game off, uninstalling it for awhile and going somewhere else to do something else for awhile. Your not going to feel like playing too much at this moment you need to get through this bitter stage like anyone of having just had such a loss first and then eventually come back to push on when it doesn’t sting as much.


Thanks, man… that is all I needed to hear… for sure I am not going to use one wallet for everything ever again…


I lost a bunch of time on this game.


it did u well tho :slight_smile:

@Doreo_Allara you came to the right place

@Gowa_Hyasyoda - is right on all of it. I have had to take 6 months sometimes before i return (have a look at my freighter losses last year lol)

I have only been playing since 2010, but since then, I have known many ppl make HUGE mistakes. Guy in Corp decided he was gonna buy all faction POS (true sansha) plus SHIPS to live in a WH for a year!!! (Was something like 80 billion) they bought implants, fancy tengu modules etc.

His wife opened trade in jita with a stranger by accident. … you know how it ends. But not without a recording on mumble of her begging for it back. Terrible…

They never returned that I know of.

So no, you do not win most stupid. But the truth is you just made a simple mistake. When I made my first error in trading that cost me more than a billion I started practicing with zeros on the num pad. 6 zeros 7 zeros. And I trained my right hand to STOP after so I could look at the number.

I’m a guitarist/ pianist for 25 years so my kinesthetic learning is fast. I don’t actually know if that translates well for everyone, but it would seem to with video games (kinesthetic)

I practiced using the calculator on windows. I’d make my list of stuff to buy. And round it off, then add it all up.

Trade safe!


Yeah, forgot to mention about trade window scams. First and only time it happened to me I was trading 500 plex for 1.5 bil ISK. They opened the window, put in 1.5 bil, I put in 500 PLEX, their 1.5 bil ISK gets removed (Adding stuff to the trade window clears the others person trade offer so they must re-add) and then they immediately add 1.5 million ISK while I just simply moved my mouse over to the ACCEPT button without looking, completely unaware of what has happened…even worse I didn’t bother to look at the ISK amount to even get a chance to be fooled by a few missing digits.

I blame CCP for this it is trash why would your adding something to the trade clear their offer and let them add a different amount. It should have at least done the same thing and kicked my 500 PLEX out the window for being a different amount ISK than was offered…alas…this game was designed for loss in all these seemingly infinite and simple “Quality of Life” ways.

I’ve also just learned to train myself to double check anything before hitting accept to do any kind of action, no matter how insignificant. I even double check when I make contracts selected to my own corporation that I didn’t somehow put in a different name (that hasn’t happened) but I still check, every time, even clicking on the show info for corp just to be 100% sure it wasn’t a corp with a similar name/logo.

Healthy paranoia I guess.


Another eyes wide full of ■■■■ mechanic in this game is how multi-buy operates…if you try to purchase a certain amount of an item from the market, and none of the lower priced sales contain the quantity you need at the exact same price, it instead chooses the next highest priced sale containing the full amount of the item you want to purchase.

For example, imagine you want to buy 10 quantity of an item and the market has 10 sales available, the first 9 are all individual 1 item quantity sales at different prices getting higher and higher, and the last sale contains 1 quantity as well but has many extra digits added to the price. Since the multibuy can’t separate one purchase into 10 different sales purchases (even if it did you would still buy the last of ten items from that overpriced sale) it instead chooses to buy all 10 at the highest price on the market it would need to pay to get all ten in one purchase.

Here is the real kicker, you still only just bought the first 9 items at lower priced sales and the tenth from the higher priced sale, but all only at the higher price.

Maybe they have fixed this at some point, I don’t know but…Operating as intended I guess.


I’m pretty sure they didn’t. I’m a salesmen and sometimes I sell items for 10x the price I’ve put them in the market for.
I’m fairly new to this, and it took me a while to figure out why people would buy my stuff for such inflated prices. Of course I’m not sure, but I’ve always suspected it was a multibuy thing.


Digit scamming where people move the price from 1m to 1bn used to be pretty common even recently, less so now that broker fee’s have changed higher. The largest single fall I seen some take on this was for 30bn Isk. Normal and common highs were around 10bn isk.

I witnessed a market fat finger that cost a guy over a trillion isk 10 years ago. in Rens or Hek.

The best advice is not to have more ISK than you intend to imminently spend in your active wallet. Most ‘‘well off’’ players with over 100bn ISK tend to keep their isk safe within private char or corporation bank wallets.


Some people are just lucky to only lose a few billion ISK to learn these very important lessons.

You got to have a lot of ISK to lose a lot of ISK.<<

Another important but less relevant thing in the market is when you try to sell something it usually picks the highest buy order price but doesn’t always select immediate sale as you would want to selling instantly to a buy order.

So always remember when you try to sell something, if your setting up a sale, clear the price and set your own price and make sure to set a period of 24hour or up to 90 days (this doesn’t matter as much as it won’t let you sell as immediate at a higher price than the highest buy order price), if your trying to sell instantly to a buy order price make sure to set it to immediate sale or your going to pay a broker fee even though you technically didn’t set up any sale on the market for a period of time.

Just another helpful tip about selling stuff.

Sometimes my wallet get very fat over a night…… that almost everytime resault in a mail that same day from someone who explains their mistake.
SO my wallet returned to the normal again, cause i ofc give back if its apparent a mistake.

This is quite often, so your not alone

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@Gowa_Hyasyoda brought up a good quote. Have to have isk to lose isk.

I didn’t think of bringing this up, but at margin trading 5 you only have to have 24% of your escrow. This lets you “spread your bets” across markets. If modules aren’t moving but I still want to try to get what is in the module market, I’ll put 100-500 mil in the market and that effectively lets me invest (math formula) like 3 times that amount.

I wish i cared to do the math, but with a couple billion, I can spread that money out well and catch a lot of moving markets, so I’m babysitting less.

Also, train all trade skills to level 5 and play with them. After I did that with my first toon I was able to see what was essential for all my others. Some don’t have all level 5. But playing with one that did helped me understand what’s possible.

Go make those billions back if you’re not still hurting super bad.

I’m traveling right now but when I get back home if you see me online feel free to stop by the pub (cajun fast mart)


the other day I clicked to buy a scam order, it was billions instead of hundres of millions, and i didnt notice until i got the notification of not enough isk in my wallet to buy.
personal wallet vs corp wallet, seperate the isk somehow, it works.


I am going to come back later and edit this post to add some crap about the uses and dangers of margin trading in the market when I get a chance to type something out without too much thinking and time sitting into it later after my conscious mind has gathered a ball of crap to drop in place of it all while I am doing other stuff I am just busy and don’t want to waste my time right now.


Bought a condor once…

Biggest mistake ever.


I will make them back, sure :wink: it will take a while till I get back to the same amount, but I am in no rush anymore :sweat_smile:

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Oh Oh OH… i Went for the trade scam window once…… lost 60 bil.
Funny how you dont remember ■■■■ like that.

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Hmm… well I didn’t make a big market mistake. I did however get an early Christmas gift, seemingly from someone else’s mistake on HyperNET… someone posted a Rattlesnake @ 8 nodes for 162,500 ISK each… I snatched up all 8 and got the ship for 1.3 million… Turned around and sold it days later for 1.4 billion ISK…

Not a bad return on investment.