Buy orders should not execute for more than market price

Davion, I don’t think you understand. Seriously. Do you understand what I’m saying? If you do, post an example of what I said otherwise stop talking.

Yeah but… I do trade. I can also read. I also understand how it works. I also accept that if/when I make a mistake it is down to me so I move on.

Besides, all you did was press the wrong buttons a bit and make the amounts wrong. You then clicked to confirm and then did not even review your orders before you got the shaft from your own stupidity.

This is NOT a legitimate issue in the game as you are the only idiot who is here crying about having not been able to use numbers.

Grow up, shut up and fk off.


It’s not rocket science to understand what you’re talking about. You think that if a person is putting a buy order up, it shouldn’t be able to go any higher then the lowest sell price on the market.
And all because you probably made some stupid mistake in game and can’t just accept that.

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Which is dumb.

To be fair, typing “probably” just wasted a second of your life. There is no doubt this is exactly what has happened.


That’s a personal attack.

edit : an ad homniem actually

Actually it is a supposition but w/e.

Please get help.

P.S. #inb4lock


Stop editing your posts to try to sound less stupid - using “probably” made it theoretical and therefore supposition.

Also, please get help.

Except this guy is literally insulting everyone and calling everyone jerks first off as I was talking about the topic.

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Davion, I made 100 billion last month. I lost about 100 mil. I’m not crying. I’ve played Eve off and on since 07. This issue is more of a hastle or irritation just like you are.

The market system doesn’t make sense. Just because you don’t care, doesn’t mean other people don’t.

Anderson, thanks for trying to discuss the issue despite the endless troll comments by FairyTail and Dav.

You are though.

Here we go…

…if you are too stupid to correctly use numbers.

I don’t either. Stop trying to make this about anyone else other than you and you alone. This is YOUR thread with YOU crying cos YOU were an idiot and made a mistake. This is YOU and nobody else so own it.



Why don’t we all calm down and type out exactly what we’d like to say like sensible folk. I Could just close the thread but I’d prefer not to. Ok?


Once again, the market just works like that. Which is why you need to check BEFORE putting it up so that simple mistakes don’t happen like the one that happened to you

Who are you and why is some new guy using ISD Dorrim’s account?

And yes - #inb4lock

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You were not.

You’re only argument on the topic, is actually on the person.

Your other arguments are actually on a different topic (double checking, someone’s fault ?)

I gave an argument why I think it is how it is. I still try to understand his point, even if I have a different opinion (here it is the case : I think there is a good reason for how it is, but I understand that for a user this makes no sense)

I reformulated his opinion, that I understand even though mine is different, because it looks like you actually completely misunderstood his post, as a simple rant. It is a rang, but still it makes sense. And you’re completely off-topic with your posts.

Look at what he wrote :

And your answer is

Sorry, you are completely off-topic.

Your incessant editing of your posts is childish at best and at worst more proof that you require outside help.

Please get help.

FairyTail, just leave the thread. You keep ragging on everyone, and you have no valuable input to the subject. You already stated your opinion on the matter. No one else wants to hear from you.

Yeah cool story bro.

Why don’t you leave?


Don’t feed the troll.

Please get help.

I just avoid the market as much as possible because it is not any fun at all. Nonetheless, I agree with the OP. It seems like a pretty stupid interface. Once everybody is limited to four significant figures it will be even harder to keep track of an extra zero.

And I did the same. I understand his point, even if it may not sound like it. But, checking over and over if needed is the way to solve this. CCP doesn’t need to and shouldn’t have to change the way buy orders work due to mistakes some make.

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