Rigged Economy

Ever since the Broker Relations changes of Feb 24th, it feels like I’m playing market pvp with the office of CCP.
I can tank the price of any item I wish by just placing one item up for sale.
Before Feb 24th it actually felt like a player driven market.
Can you guys do some thing so it isn’t such a place sell order, get counter sell order in under 2 hours.
Every time for every item.
It just doesn’t seem very realistic anymore.

So… other players match your sale price so you blame CCP for rigging it…


What does this even mean. :face_with_monocle:

He’s complaining about people putting up better prices than him, despite broker relations making it harder to do exactly that.

If people keep undercutting you it means your price was wrong to begin with.

The market changes are bad for people who don’t think about their trades.

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Maybe you’re just not good at market pvp and it took removing a cheap relisting mechanic for you to realize that all you had was a gimmick but no actual marketing skill?

Why are you selling items where the demand is so low that it’s easy to undercut you before your item sells?

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How actual markets work has nothing to do with the OP’s issue.

This thread is going to end up being a repeat of the already-lengthy Broker Relations thread where highly skilled and educated traders have already made the case that the new Broker/Relist fee mechanics have made it easier rather than harder to make a profit if you approach the market intelligently. Filter my posts in that thread and you’ll see how-and-why this is so.


That’s the key issue for most of the complaining folks, I’d say.

@Archer_en_Tilavine I read through your replies on that Broker Relations thread, (not to derail this thread) but I agree with what you are saying. I was one thta did used to 0.1isk but no longer do, but the items i have up do not sell that well (so I guess that is an issue tith the price it is up for).

But you mention that you are a math guy and you understand at least in some way shape or form how the market in eve works, What advice would you give people that are not maths people, and are not currently knowledgeable on how eves market work in order for them to try and turn a profit.

I stopped manufacturing and trying to sell things because I am not knowledgeable in those ways and also unsure with regards how to get access to that knowledge.

Market newbies would benefit greatly from watching The Oz’s frequently held Twitch stream and various YouTube videos. He manages more than one trillion in ISK via market and teaches others how he does it - what some of the best market tools are (including a custom tool he developed and makes freely available), what market indicators he looks for (when to buy and when to sell), etc. He even put together a video on how he made billions from Jita trading as an Alpha. The biggest downside to his tutorials is that he doesn’t really cover trading outside of Jita/Perimeter(/Amarr), which is a shame because the greatest profits are found outside of the tradehubs (or at least the major ones anyway). I regularly sell items at 2x-100x Jita sell price and buy items at far below Jita buy price in other regions - location matters! He also doesn’t discuss industry too much - he mostly buys and resells items (margin trading) rather than gets into industry personally. But still, you can learn a lot from him. He’s probably the most knowledgeable market guru in EVE; he ran for CSM15 but unfortunately lost, so keep an eye out to see if he runs again for CSM16 - he definitely deserves a vote (can contribute a lot in terms of economy feedback and suggestions) and he has my endorsement (I’ll be running as well).

There’s more knowledge out there, but I don’t know of any place where they are centralized in one place (TBH I haven’t checked) and/or specific to EVE (eg. economics textbooks). I’ve already given some advice in the posts on that thread I linked; the most important pieces of advice are:

  • Avoid trading in overly saturated markets
  • Sell at above minimum sell price
  • Unless there was a massive shift in market for some reason, or unless you priced your order very badly, be patient with your order and don’t relist it

If you want to sell items outside of the (major) tradehubs, players usually only buy items where they can get other related items as well (eg. frigates accompanied by all frigate-related modules, rigs, ammo, and drones) and/or when the item being sold is made available in large quantities, so consider creating your own tradehub where you stock these items if you aren’t already selling at a tradehub. You can use jEveAssets to manage stockpiles and ensure you have a minimum supply of all these items on market at any given time if you’re selling at a smaller tradehub (like Hek or Rens) that has a lot of holes in its offerings).

Also, be careful about using player structures for market orders. If they are destroyed or decommissioned, it can be at best ‘inconvenient’ and at worst catastrophic (if the structure while destroyed while in abandoned state).


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