Version 19.11 - Feedback & Known Issues (mac)

its not that bad , the startup sound is worth the lost fps

Also on a new MBP. Have had an issue with right-clicking in lists where the list doesn’t fit on screen ie there are vertical scroll bars. The two finger click makes the list scroll down a little and then press whatever ends up under the cursor.

Since the native Mac Client, the game crashes every few minutes, especially on session changes on my MBP 2017. It doesn’t only crash the game, but my whole Computer and forces it to shut down after being frozen for 5 minutes. Over Christmas I got to test EVE on my dads 2019 iMac with lots of power and the same problems occur, especially that insane mouse lag which makes it impossible do drag windows, links or turn your camera and -CCP- by now you definitely know what im talking about because a lot of Macs have this Problem.

It’s been several month since the Client release and the game is god damn unplayable and the support wasn’t able to help me either. I’m ******* paying for this so if you are not doing anything against it, at least give me the option to use the WINE launcher again because that’s where EVE actually worked.

I have multiple accounts. Across all accounts most of my assets were gone when I logged today. At the character screen it shows that my characters are in the ships they were in when I last logged out. When I sign there is no ship in the display, just the station. Only two ships show up in my hanger and I can’t enter them. I can’t undock. I can’t do anything. I tried deleting the launcher and redownloading it. Issue persist. I cleared the cache as some suggested. Issue persist. Is this an issue for everyone on the Mac OS?

you got literally hacked dude :frowning:

FYI, I see this on my intel iMac as well w/ Radeon Pro Vega 48. I only survive in Jita if I turn the shader settings to low.