Mining Issue? Or Bad Luck?

I have been searching FIVE low-sec systems and just have not found ANY ores, is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me having bad luck?

Probably mined out. They should reset after DT

When is down time?

If you’re like me it is so early in the morning that by the time you log in, everything has been mined out :slight_smile:

True, but how can you explain complete ore disappearance with 5 SYSTEMS!

CCP hates all people who play Eve so they are slowly killing it for fun. But really, there are respawn mechanics that dictate how much new ore is spawned at DT, then add in that they just finished changing ore content so that LS has specific minerals found nowhere else, and you have a recipe for fast moving miners taking what little there is.

Plus from the sounds of it they have also decreased the spawn rate game wide.

That is probably the best theory I can get, other than the fact that CCP hate all who play EVE

We are currently in an age of artificial scarcity that will end Soon™

So what you are saying is that CCP is trying to get people to move to other places to attempt to find ores? And that it will go back to normal soon?

Yes and no. Yes to moving, no to normal. Just like COVID, there is no going back. I assume that Dynamic Resources will be like the Dynamic Bounty that just came out. That means that the more ore that is mined in a system, the less there will be tomorrow. Which means that if everyone doesn’t play alone and interact with nobody else, they can’t play at all. Welcome to the New Eve, the only MMO that penalizes you for playing with other people.

That make absolute sense, I guess that is what I am facing in low-sec right now. Thanks

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