Dynamic Resource Discussion

Due to the recent changes to the resource distribution in New Eden, I have an idea for a more dynamic change. While I like trying to reduce the self sufficiency of different groups by moving ore types around and lowering the overall quantity. I think that a better and more lasting change would be to implement a system that effects the resources and their distribution density based on actual mining activity. (similar to how planetary interaction works)

What I envision is a system that can push resources around the map forcing a more dynamic interaction on the very base level of the game, and preventing the stagnation of supply chains and self sufficiency of large areas of space.

I deeply feel that this could be a huge positive change for the game and could introduce entire new niche areas of game play for players to carve out, and would completely remove mining bots from the equation as asteroid belts would not re spawn in a predictable way.

I have not placed any specifics on how these mechanics would work but I imaging a weight system that dictates which systems have been mined in most recently and would re spawn ore in systems with lower weight first while maintaining a specific number throughout New Eden.

I have used asteroids as the example for most of this post but, these changes in my opinion should effect moon mining, asteroid belts, ice belts, and resources anomaly’s as well.

We will get a dynamic system soon. But right now we need a shortage becuase of over saturation.

Read the dev blog.

I saw that post that said there would be three phases of the changes and see the dynamic distribution phase at the end. So perhaps we can discuss what we think these changes will look like or hope they will look like. Have they released anymore specific information?

The plan consists of three phases:

  • Shortage phase
  • Re-distribution phase
  • Dynamic distribution phase

Personally, I hope they go to the extreme with it in order to get rid of the bot fleets. I’m talking about having ore in anoms only that have to be scanned down and only last for an hour then disappear, then you have to scan down another one. Just sick of the bot fleets, especially in ice anoms. This would also get rid of the stupid NPC miner fleets.

I imagine it’s going to work very similar to what you describe. Regions may ‘dry out’ if overfarmed.

Maybe there will be occasional ‘hot spots’ etc

Now that i think about it, it could be a long time until the dynamic phase kicks in because i believe part of the ‘shortage’ phase is to wear down peoples capital fleets…and that could take a very long time.

Hmmm I kind like the idea of scanning them down however I dont think that they should despawn unless you mine them out. This would allow players (prospectors) to sell off the location of sites that they may have found. Cool idea in general.

But on a side note I do think this would take alot more work on the development side of things rather than just modifying the current way that asteroid belts and such respawn.

I don’t think wearing down capital fleets Is as much of an issue as wearing down the number of Titans. However I do feel like this is more of an issue with how hard it is for Titans to kill other Titans along side how easy they have become for large groups to produce.

But that’s a whole other rabbit hole to go down.

On your comment about how the changes will probably work. I just hope its not just that regions will dry up. I think adding the chance for resources hotspots to form would be really healthy for promoting interactions between player groups. Imagine the “no mans land” and boarder areas between two large power blocks becoming more and more resource dense as the areas of space that they control become mined out pushing resources further and further to the edge and out of their capital umbrellas.

Small asteroids have seriously damaged the economics of Rorqual fleets with Excavator drones - they need the large rocks to mine efficiently. Once standard ore is removed from moons I expect mineral demand will exceed supply until prices rise enough to encourage people to start mining in barges again. Assembling enough minerals to mass produce supers and titans will be difficult - hopefully impossible - but the fleets we already have will essentially make their owners invulnerable unless CCP rebalances them so they are a lot easier for subcap fleets to kill.

Anoms, including ice should spawn randomly - maybe a higher probability if the system has an iHub but not a certainty. Anoms that spawn in the same systems at known times with predictable yields are not good design. In my perfect world ore and ice would be mixed - not separate anomalies and spawns would be random composition as well as random location - maybe the occasional “jackpot” rock to make things more interesting!

Depending on how “dynamic” it is,iit’ll result in worse health for eve online, or there won’t be any meaningful change.

At worst, it’ll end up with everyone joining up into the largest alliance so they can steamroll the opposition and takettheir resources. At best, it’ll just mean nullsec entities take control of two regions each and just rotate between the resources, using capitals to drop on anyone who tries to harvest the region that’s recovering.

The fantasy that there will be a system that allows for dynamic movement is dumb because people will just find out a way to optimize it with the least amount of effort.

It really depends how it’s implemented.

Draining one region does not necessarily mean the neighbouring region is plentiful. It may redistribute resources on the other side of the galaxy.

Or resources can simply drain and slowly replenish. Meaning that if you occupy several regions you have to ‘crop rotate’. But the difference is it’s not all regions full pelt all the time. So I’m pretty confident it’ll change how things work.

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Yeah just give up and not try to fix anything the game is fine the way it is…

Passive aggressive response aside I really doubt the kind of cooperation your talking about would ever happen while on paper that may seem like a logical course of action for the players to take there are just to many people involved with their own ideas about how things should be run.

However I can see groups trying to work together to push resources around to their advantage and CCP will need to figure out how to make it as difficult as possible for the generation to be manipulated.

When it comes to moon minerals just think about how many moons are not used at all due to having sub par resource compositions. Depleting moons and generating new ones will also help prevent large groups from hoarding all the good moons to themselves.

I never said that, but if you’re gonna try and strawman comments like this, I can tell your thoughts are worthless. So I’ll stop reading here.

I will apologize for my comment as it is a bit skewed from what you actually said.

There are just so many players and people in general that see possible issues with a change as a reason to not change anything at all, which can really get under my skin.

With the way mining activity is currently distributed i think the most likely area that all the ore would end up is going to be low sec. As far as Im aware there are not many large groups that mine there.

The issue with existing fleet stockpiles lies in citadels IMO, infinite storage and no risk of loosing things when it gets blown up? Yea… that doesn’t sound like Eve at all.

I doubt there is very high consumption in low sec either, which will probably factor into how things work as well.

Maybe Im not understanding what your saying. Would the current low consumption (mining) of ore in low sec, not increase the chances of ore spawning there instead of high sec or null? ( If things work how we assume they will that is.)

No one mines in low sec because no one wants to go to low sec. Low sec is home to the worst of the worst in EVE…

Just an additional thought that I had that may help prevent the system from being gamed to much.

The “weight” system that determines the chance of ore spawning in a system should never reset. Systems that are highly frequented for mining operations would have a smaller and smaller chance of ore spawning in them as time goes on until people start increasing the weight in other systems to match. This could eventually develop into very low traffic systems ending up with vast quantities of ore in them as there weight is far lower than the rest of the map. while also creating systems that may not see ore spawning in them for weeks at a time if not more.

Yea I agree with you there at least for the most part, although i would not want to chastise all that call low their home.

But this could possibly change all that. The narrative of trying to balance the rewards of High Low and Null has been going on for a long time and while I agree there needs to be pros and cons to all. I think that this could force interactions between the three areas of the game rather than keeping them separate when it comes to the way player groups interact outside of pure market trading.