IDEA: Moon Ores with dynamic distribution

Hi there,
I would like to know your opinion on future ore distribution balancing and dynamic allocation. This has a direct impact on the moon extraction. As we know from dev blog, moons will loose the standard ores soon, also mineral distribution in moon ores will change. To offset it little bit, can we have a system which randomly gives you part of the moon chunk as higher level moon ores? For the HS or wormhole moons, which have just lowest end ores availble, that would be 10-20% of them converted to common ores. For LS, you could get a local vine with more uncommon / rare ores, etc. With this system in place, developers could play with the percentage for different systems, like:

  • HS: chance for finding local rich vine: 5%, amount of the rich vine: 10% of the chunk
  • LS:chance for finding local rich vine: 5%, amount of the rich vine: 20% of the chunk
  • C1/C2 J-space: chance for finding local rich vine: 10%, amount of the rich vine: 20% of the chunk
  • so on…

For HS, there should be limit to get common at maximum. For wormholes, which for some strange reason have the same moon goo as HS, we could get something extra for the risk we take to mine it.

I think we’re a bit early for this because we just don’t know what CCP is thinking apart from their blog post. Hisec moon mining was a mistake which they are going to at least have to partially roll back, to which I expect there will be howls of protest from hisec athanor owners.

Putting in place something for belts and anoms looks easier but if the resources are going to move over time/usage how will they handle null sov, the industry index and all that?

For all of it CCP are going to have to have a complex system to balance all the security sectors, the ore/mineral distribution and then the same for player generated belts. As for jspace all I can do is throw my hands apart and shrug.

I suspect it will all need some major tweaking at various times to get right :slight_smile:

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