Is there a chance for a third Moon or asteroid mineral redistribution update? (nerf)

Is there a possibility for a third Moon or asteroid mineral redistribution update? (nerf)

What answer do you hope for?
Of course it will be further adjusted if the data results in an uneven distribution.
Say, if everyone switches to HS to miner Trit it will surely be adjusted so that a part of miner is distributed elsewhere.

If permanent mineral shortages occur somewhere, CCP will also adjust it too.

Why not?

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And what about moon?

The same. If something is too little or too much it will be adjusted.
You only have to be clear about one thing. It will never again be that there is an enormous amount of something. At least not for the next few years.

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I´ve got a Heron equipped with survey probe launcher and probes named “Moon patch again, yay”

And I´m not selling it anytime soon.

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As the overall mineral management project is not yet over: yes, it is possible that there are more changes coming to the behavior of moons/asteroids. Whether it will be ore composition changes, more uses for moon outputs (supposedly moon goo is going to be added to more industry processes), or something else entirely is hard to predict, as we don’t have the data CCP can access on current progress of the mining ecosystem rebalance efforts.


Hopefully so, mining is very broken in game right now, from a high-sec miners perspective. Asteroids wont last 1 cycle of a Porp/Orca boosted tech 2 moduled strip miner with tech 2 crystals, a lot of wasted skills for 3% 4% or 5% bonus to yield per cycle. At least refund some SP and adjust skills accordingly imo.

Oh yes even CCP said this is step 1 lol there’s a lot more in store for us miners. I would even quote the article. It’s there just read the last ore article.

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