Moon mining in .5 space


Is there any chance we can find out what ore we can expect to find inside moons in .5 space after the update?

Sisi has been seeded with random ore which will not make final build. I’m writing a guide for players who are looking to take up mining post update

There won’t be final ore distribution values on sisi in order to not allow people to grab moons before everyone else and before the patch hits TQ. As it was the case in Null and Low sec, you will have to scan moons on patch day to find out values and composition.

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It’s not which moons have what ore, more the pool of ore which can be picked from I’m intresteding in. I’m aware that we going to have to scan on patch day.

I see. The original dev blog that first mentioned moon mining in high sec and W-space stated that only standard ores with their +15 variety would be available in those moons. In other words everything from Veldspar to Arkonor, but no moon ores. Since then, no other information has been mentioned.

This is from the 2.0 blog post

“These moons will contain a randomized selection of upgraded standard mineral ore variants, as well as some of the most common varieties of moongoo ores in lower quantities than those available in lowsec and nullsec”

Does it just mean common moon ore?

Most common would suggest the Ubiquitous Ores, Zeolites, Sylvite, Bitumens, and Coesite. The next step, Common Ores, aren’t really “most common” if there are more common ores, right? But then again: CCP and term coherence. Have you found common ores in high sec moons or only ubiquitous ores?

I’m yet to scan any moons in HS on the TQ server as I believe they will be reseeded. On the sisi server they are seeded with a made up pool which will not make the patch

So you can probably expect this;

  1. High sec will probably not see much else then the absolute lowest grade of ore.

  2. Low sec will see mid grade ores with a smattering of nice stuff…however nobody will mine it because of the PVP that goes on, any mining operations will just get attacked for the lolz.

  3. Dull/WH, best ores, systems closed off in deep dull space to support the mining operations, rage rolling for WH’s.

Nothing is randomized.

I expect it to go down like this. What I would like to know is which ores, so I can produce the the best guide possible, such as with Crystal BPO to buy in, rather than simply stating buy everything

Until CCP drops that thun thun we won’t know, then dull sec will complain about ores in high sec being too fabulous so CCP will change it, so you will end up having to write it again.

My suggestion would be this; “expected” ores, and emphasize expected, so you can be as close to correct but not be held responsible for an inaccurate guide.

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From the last structure DevBlog

So I was curious and did some testing on SiSi. In the HS region my pilot was in, there were about 1k 0.5 moons. I probed 7 moons in one system (server kept rebooting so I quit), of those I got 4 unique ore distibutions.
Of those 4, one had an exceptional moon ore and had a weekly value of about 4b isk. One had a common and uncommon valued at 1.5b. One had ubiquitous and common at 1b. And the last had a ubiquitous at 800m.
All had a range of ore, from scordite to ark.
I would assume that the exceptional is a mistake, but I could see the other 3 being in line with what we would see.

Which is better. Don’t want people preemptively claiming moons only to end up being disappointed.

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