What exactly is classed as a good high sec moon?

I very much enjoy multibox mining and have recently come back to game. Excited to give the new moon mining a go but struggling to find an answer to what is classed as a good HS moon?

Its a term that seems to be said alot when it comes to moon mining but its never really expanded upon. If anyone could give me a rough guideline of what roughly a good moon is i’d very much appreciate it!

If it helps i have three miners in barges and a orca pilot to boost and will be setting an Athanor up to mine from in highsec.

I think ubiquitous or exceptional are the best ones for hisec… i help another corp mine their moons and both are ubiquitous

just look at what your moon can mine per m³


brilliant gneiss and glistening coesite.

Every thing else is shadowed by ice.

ok, apparently I was wrong, I was just informed that Ubiquitous is the only moon goo you can get in 0.5 space.

Moons with Spodumain, Gneiss and Arkonor are really good. Plagioclase is also very nice as it’s the high sec ore with the most Mexallon. Mexallon is one of the most sought after minerals, which is why it outvalues some of the low sec ores.

You are not wrong. Ubiquitous is the only moon ore type that you can get in high sec:

These moons will contain a randomized selection of upgraded standard mineral ore variants, as well as some of the most common varieties of moongoo [ambiguous phrasing, typical for CCP, but Ubiquitous MO are the most commonly found MO anywhere] ores in lower quantities than those available in lowsec and nullsec.

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You’re not going to find the glistening variants on any moon scan though. They are a random and rare spawn from moons that otherwise give the base version of that ore.

Given that the prices of the base ubiquitous ores have tanked, you’re best off finding a moon that gives a good quantity of valuable asteroid ore and ignoring the moon goo unless you get the glistening variant on a given spawn.

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